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How to Choose The Right Speaker For Your Event

September 5, 2013 0 comments Beejal Parmar

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Getting the right speaker for an event is critical for the success of the event. The key is to fully understand the audience needs and expectations. Match the audience with the right content and experience and the audience will have a great time. Gett the wrong person can be a disaster, so the pressure is on if you have that job. It will not just be that event that is ruined but there can be lack of interest in future events.

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The first thing you need to decide is if the speech is more important than the speaker. It will be no use having a world expert if they are not good at public speaking and keeping an audience interested. In just the same way an entertainer may be fun but won’t be much help if they cannot get the message across.

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It will be a good idea to research the speaker as even if they are in your industry they may have very different views from you. What works for them and how they run their business may not be the way you want yours to be run. Even if they are well known and experienced you need to speak to them and know that they will be working to your agenda and putting your message across.

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As long as you know the audience it will be easy to decide whether or not they will be involved in the process. If the event is for work then your employees may want the chance to contribute and you need to decide if there can be a Q & A session. If it is for an event where you are not sure who will be there, then this could be dangerous if there is loose cannon in the audience.

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It has been said that if something seems too good to be true then it is. Motivational speaking is an area when this is not the case. Just because a speaker normally charges much more than you can afford, it does not mean they will not reduce their fee if it is an issue that is close to their hearts.

There are many ways around the fee and that could be to offer something to make up for a reduction that you are able to get quite cheaply – a weekend away if you have friends with a travel agency or expensive wine if one runs an off-licence. The event could also be organised to coincide with something they are attending nearby so travelling expenses can be cut back.

However much of a reputation the speaker has it will be best to check out reviews not on their own website. If you are going to pay a lot you need to know you are getting just what you want. It is likely they will give you the details of people you can speak to or links to previous events they have spoken at.

Finally consider what the speaker needs and make sure the venue is suitable for them. Many venues will have plenty of equipment – projection equipment, podium etc. but it is best to make sure.

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